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Henry J. Drexler - Artist

STUDIO TOUR - featuring extruded acrylic technique

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The large (2 oz) syringes filled with Golden Paints (

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Extrusion underway - [close-up]  Henry extrudes beads of paint on to the surface of the canvas.  Several colors are packed into one syringe so that when the paint is extruded, bands of several colors will come out in the bead.  Controlling the paint as it emerges from the syringe is one of the biggest challenges of this technique.  Check the close-up of the painting entitled "No. 212" for a good example of an extruded paint surface.

Examples of extruded paintings can be seen on the Gallery page.


For this process, Henry usually extrudes the paint on a flat, smooth surface.  When the paint is dry, he peels the paint off the surface revealing the smooth underside.  He then mounts this reversed film on to the canvas.  This technique produces some very interesting effects and has lead to the appeal of several of Henry's most innovative and successful paintings (see examples on the Gallery page) including "Electric Cows" and "Electric Cows II".


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Henry J. Drexler - Artist
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