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Morning in the Hop Yard
Skating in the Park
Morning on the Flat Iron
Buster I will be home soon Papa
The First Chenango County Fair
Chenango III
Chenango VI
Chenango XII
Chenango XV
Chenango XIX
Chenango Fantasy
Old Maples on the Curve
Winter Oak
February Storm
Summer in the Garden
Star Magnolia
Classic Simplicity
Columbus NY
Summer Landscape modified
Along White Store Road
Summer Landscape II
Marion River
Moss Lake
Mountain Reflections
On the Inlet
South Inlet to Racquette Lake
Adirondack High Peaks from
In the Woods
Under the Butternut Tree
Edge of the Magic Forest
Country Road 30x30
Autumn Trail 30x30
White Pine
Willow study
close up Into the Woods
Elm Along Chenango County Rd33
Robinson Road Elm
Hayfield and Elm
Red Elm
Lake Moraine Hamilton NY
Elm Tree Study
Hedgerow Elms
Per Lee Elm
Starry Night with Elm
Morning on Cazenovia Lake
Carpenter Pond Cazenovia NY
Carpenter Pond closeup
Hop House Near Hubbardsville
On the Way to Plymouth
Tribute to an Old Friend
Hatton Farm
Chenango Barn II
Smith Barn
Stackhouse Farm
Capps Farm
Chenango Barn VI
George Farm
Roach Barn
Bliven Barn
Alsip Farm
View from Church Hill Rd
Maude Dwight's Barn
Barn on Hopkins Crandall Road
Evergreen Barn
Red Door
The Proskine Farm
View From North Pond Road
View From West Hill Road
East River Near Hanes
View on East Hill Oxford NY
Black & White
close up of wild cows
Wild Holsteins
Holsteins III
close up of Holsteins III
Holsteins IV
Holsteins V
Holsteins VI
Holsteins VII
Holsteins VIII
Holsteins IX
Holsteins XI
Holsteins XII
Holsteins XIII Acrylic on canvas 30x30
Holsteins XIV Acrylic on canvas 30x30
Holsteins XV Acrylic on canvas 30x30
Holsteins XVI Acrylic on canvas 24x24
Holsteins XVII Acrylic on canvas 24x24
Holsteins XVIII Acrylic on canvas 30x3
Holsteins XIX
Holsteins XX
Holsteins XXI Acrylic on canvas 12x12
Holsteins XXII
Holsteins XXIII 30x30
Holsteins XXIV 30x30
Holsteins XXV 30x30
Holsteins XXVI 30x30
Holsteins XXVIII Pink Cow 20 x 20
Holsteins XXIX Rainbow Cows 30x30
Bovine Madness XXX
Green Cow
Bovine Madness XXXII
Bovine Madness XXXIII
Bovine Madness XXXV
Bovine Madness XXXIV
Bovine Madness XXXVI
No 212
close up of 212
Electric Cows
Electric Cows II
Mother & Child
Holsteins II
Windmill II Along the Bear Path
Madison County Windmills III
Fenner Windmill IV
Windmill V Near Cazenovia, NY
Madison County Windmills VI
Windmills VII Along NY Route 20
Windmill and Barn on Crow Hill Road
Windmill IX Bird Road, Bouckville
Madison County Windmill X
Windmill On Crow Hill Road, Bouckville
Windmills Along Bird Road, Bouckville
Windmills Along Trew Road, Stockbridge
Windmill Fantasy
Strawberry Fields
Genesis close up
Genesis II
Self Portrait
Kit in Red Dress with Basket of Flowers
Barn on Carversville Road
Mechanic Street Bridge
New Hope Steam Railway
Delaware Canal Above New Hope
Sunset Near Carversville PA
Cooperstown Boat Docks 24x30
Child's Play 30x30
San Francisco
Bradley Brook Reservoir
After the Ball
North Conway
The Blacksmith's Stump
Lichen on Thornapple

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Henry J. Drexler - Artist
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