Henry J. Drexler - Artist


The landscape of central New York inspires my work. Time, weather, and seasonal change affect the appearance of this landscape and create fleeting moments that catch my attention. Responding to the visual and emotional impact of these moments imbues my work with feeling and sense of place.

My work has evolved over time as I have experimented with different painting techniques and developed ideas for separate bodies of work. These include the Chenango River, elm trees, farms, windmills, Holstein cattle and places I visit, such as the Adirondacks of northern New York and the Delaware Canal in Bucks County, PA. In the mid-1980s, while building our house, I stumbled upon a process for making extruded paintings using calking guns and syringes. Later, in the 1990s, I figured out how to use this technique to make reverse extruded and collaged paint skin works. Recently, I have been playing with computer software to manipulate my photographic images. One of the results is a new cow series called "Bovine Madness".

- Henry J. Drexler


Henry J. Drexler - Artist
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